Updog Kombucha

You may have recently seen Charlotte Agenda write an article about two gals who started a kombucha company in their college dorm kitchen. Enter Olivia and Lauren, two Wake Forest grads who are killing it with their company. Plus, the Frenchie logo is adorable.

I like kombucha, dogs, and yoga. So I reached out and partnered with them because they are some of the coolest gals ever. I harass them by sending them dog pictures every day. If you want to try out some of their products, they recently did a kombucha pop collab with King of Pops (!!!) and are currently on tap at Sycamore Brewing. You can also find them all over town at yoga studios such as Okra or Kadī Fit. They’re even at the local farmers markets in Davidson, Winston Salem, and in the Triad.

Each of their products (and even the company name, Updog) is a yoga pose. My favorite flavors that I have tried are Peacock (pineapple mint) and Happy Baby (lavender). Try some and let me know which one is your favorite!

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