Amelie’s Park Road

Amelie’s has a new location!!!!!!!!! And it’s two minutes from school!!!!!!!! AHHHHH!!!

This new spot is in the Park Road shopping center behind Michael’s. You can’t miss this little gem- the patio is extensive and painted its exclusive shade of sky blue. There’s little fountains and red recliner patio chairs. You walk down the front steps, and through the front door and it is glorious. There are 42 chandeliers! 42!!!! Most are handmade and all the furniture in all the Amelie’s locations comes from Habitat for Humanity. It’s their way of giving back.

The media preview group was very fortunate to try out authentic charcuterie, French sodas, macarons, and their world-famous salted caramel brownies. I ate five brownies and I regret nothing. Lobster bisque, cucumber sandwiches, and champagne were also presented. Magical.

The highlight of the night was the opportunity to customize eclairs with the head pastry chef. She beautifully wrote out our IG handles in white chocolate on the pastry. I gave it a shot and mine turned out horribly. I tried to paint a unicorn and it came out like an angry gremlin. Still such a cool experience.

Queens students will flock here. There are USB ports on the mezzanine where you can sit and crank out work. Y’all will know where to find me when I return for school in August.

Thank you again Amelie’s! I called my mom and told her I made it because I was invited to your event. It meant a lot I was able to come!


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