Pure Intentions Coffee

This tour was probably one of the coolest things I have ever done. Pure Intentions is a coffee roaster based in Charlotte. The murals on the outside AND inside are colorful, wild, vivid works of art done by ALXDLRG. I saw the wizard mural and thought, “Yer a wizard Julia.” Then there was the unicorn mural, and I knew I was home.

Matt Yarmey is the founder of this establishment. He is a really cool dude and his dad helped him get Pure Intentions rolling (as Matt joked during the tour, “free labor”) which is really cool. Amelie’s recently partnered up with Pure Intentions, using their products in everything from their café sodas to warm drip coffees. So I got to check coffee tasting off my bucket list while I was here- check!

You can see how passionate Matt is about delivering the best coffee available on the market. “Bean to barista” is so important to him, and he is raising awareness about responsibly sourcing coffee beans and paying farmers fairly. We saw the green (coffee) beans and the roasting machines that they use. Roast those beans in a toasty inferno. Ok I’m done.

When you walked into PI, you immediately saw the unicorn (hey hey) and that Amelie’s set up a mini cafe in the shop. There was a counter in which they served candied orange and lavender café sodas, as well as coffee with hints of chocolate that was warm and yummy. They also brought pastries such as the grilled honey pineapple croissant, and décor from the trademark Amelie’s shops. So think powder blue and France. Oui Oui.

I had such a marvelous time meeting all the creative forces behind Amelie’s and Pure Intentions. I also met a fellow foodie and Queens alumni, Heidi Billoto! Go check her out y’all! Hanging out with blogger friends and influencers was a party as always. ❤

So thank you, Pure Intentions and Amelie’s. It was an experience I will never forget and a really interesting one. Go show your local businesses some love y’all.

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