300 East

When I first moved to Charlotte for school, my godfather came to visit me and offered to take me to dinner. I had heard of 300 East and it seemed so cool, so I decided we should go there.

I remember a warm summer evening, gingersnap ice cream sandwiches, and sitting on the patio of the historic house-turned restaurant. Flash forward a year and I brought my partner-in-crime for my birthday dinner there. We feasted on french onion soup (my friend Jessica had blogged about it before, it was a must try) and it was phenomenal. Artisan pizza, a seared tuna sandwich with fresh ginger and wasabi.

It’s easy to figure out why everyone loves this place so much. The food is ridiculously good, but the charm of the old house and the chefs are spectacular. It’s one of those places that you sit down for brunch or a cozy dinner and enjoy fine dining with someone you love. The Instagram pages for their pastry chefs showcase works of art that YOU CAN EAT. It belongs in a museum, for real. And the name of the whole place is its actual address in east Dilworth.

While the weather is still warm, find a lovely afternoon and aim to sit on the patio while you eat. You won’t regret it.


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