Green Brothers Juice Company

Momma and I were invited in the other day to check out Green Brothers in Uptown. They have two locations there, and we walked to the Duke Energy Center location where we met the owner Josh. Josh is really cool. Like I aspire to be as cool as him.

He suggested we try the “Captain Clutch” smoothie, one of their bestsellers. It tasted almost like PBJ, thanks to banana, vanilla vegan protein, coconut oil, kale, apple and pineapple juices, chia seeds, blueberries, and maca. Mom added cayenne pepper for an added kick and to boost her metabolism. It is mind blowing deliciousness. All their juices and smoothies are awesome, from the “Aw Kale Yeah” to “Firewater”.

They are opening a new storefront in Dilworth, neighboring Inizio Pizza. THREE MINUTES FROM QUEENS :)))))

Check out my latest giveaway with them, and you can potentially win $75 worth of smoothies and juices for you and three of your friends!

Thanks again Josh and Green Brothers Juice fam!






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