Brixx Pizza

I grew up on Brixx Pizza pizza. We had one very close to my church, and it was always packed. They offer a variety of yummy pizzas, pastas, sandwiches, and beers on tap. When I found out it was headquartered in Charlotte, I just offered up a silent prayer of thanks. Thank you Jesusssss.

They invited me in for dinner on their East Boulevard location in the Dilworth neighborhood of Charlotte. Their new sandwich menu was recently launched, and I knew I was about to be in for a treat.

First course was a beautiful brushetta, with sundried tomatoes, onions, mozzarella medallions, on buttery toasted baguette slices finished with balsamic glaze. *sheds tear for the beautiful work of art I promptly destroyed by feasting on it*

Next up, we had to get pizza. Who were we if we didn’t? Peasants, that’s what. Ben wanted the Greek, and I opted for rosemary chicken and mushroom. Good golly, with the thin crust and oven fired goodness, it was a treat in itself. The thin crust allows for you to enjoy all the flavors while not filling up on bread right away. Smart.

The turkey & pecan cranberry chutney was like Thanksgiving. Arugula, and notes of cinnamon in the cranberries made me so excited for Hallowsgivingmas (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, since it’s a few months away). We were told this was a fan favorite of this new sandwich menu, and I can see why.

Lastly, I WITNESSED the salted caramel crunch cookie pie. It had a humongous scoop of vanilla ice cream on top, melting into the warm cookie. Magical. It probably was meant for four people, but two college students absolutely crushed it. It was worth it, so worth it. It would be something I would want for breakfast and dessert every day. Salted caramel sauce, as well as the course sugar granules in the cookie made it crunchy sugar heaven.

BLESS YOU BRIXX. Much love, thanks for having me in!

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