Get Fit Foods


Ballantyne is hype. It reminds me so much of Cary in the triangle, with all of its shopping, restaurants, and neighborhoods. Get Fit Foods is a meal plan store that serves a variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes to help you stay on plan and lead a healthy life. Everything is made fresh in their kitchen- they also have no microwave in there, other than out in the storefront for those who want can’t wait to dive in.

George and Amber were so much fun to hang out with! They walked me through the store concept, and encouraged me to try everything from the ginger salmon to the quinoa mac and cheese. Deciding on what to try was the real struggle, because everything looks delicious and is equally nutritious. Major win-win alert!!

I went with the BBQ and mac and cheese because, treat yo self. AND SO GLAD I DID! It reminds me of the things my mom made growing up, but way healthier and better for me. I decided to pair it with a strawberry lemonade, and was very content. Much health such wow.

Thanks a million for having me in Get Fit Foods! I had a blast, and I need to come back in and try some more things. I have my eye on that breakfast menu….

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