Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen and Homeshows Class

It’s true what they say about me- I am a disaster waiting to happen in the kitchen. I can most definitely eat, but I need supervision when I cook. If you need proof, consult the burn scar I have on my right arm from the one time I attempted to make pizza at a friend’s apartment this summer.

Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen  at Atherton Market in South End invites the community to take cooking classes with Chef Alyssa herself to learn recipes that they can do at home. There are a variety of classes, so even newbies like me can partake as well. Southern Ideal Homeshows  reached out, and I said yes. I too want to become a chef wizard and wow my parents, who don’t even trust me with an oven to make brownies. ~nEWb~

When we got to the class, every station was set up so we could learn how to make different dishes in groups of 4-5. We started with the lamb burgers, which we seasoned in a cast iron pan and stuffed inside a pita with tomato jam, yogurt sauce (similar to Tahini but I can’t remember!!), and magic. Lamb has a more gamey taste to it, and I was a little bit concerned that it would be too much for me. The burgers were perfectly done thanks to our station manager ( I like to think that I helped too, because she let me flip the burger) and the sauces added a sweet and savory finish with each bite. The pita was a smart move, because who wants to fill up on bread when you got other yum things to try? Not to diss bread, I love carbs, but you follow my logic here?

Next, we went to the savory crepe station. We got to pour a little ladle of batter into a skillet, flip it under the watchful eye of the station manager, fill it with fresh tomatoes and fold it like a little crepe envelope. The pesto drizzle was the finishing touch, and it was so good I could eat it straight up.

Quinoa (pronounced KEE-no-WAH, and I double-dog dare you to phonetically say it out loud in public with a weird face) was next, and we were treated to a rainbow of fruits and veggies to mix in it. There was a PourOlive bar, so I mixed in figs, cranberries, and grapefruit olive oil into my bowl. I felt the health radiating through me. For real though, really delicious.

Lastly, we went to the sweet potato and candied bacon station with Chef Alyssa herself. We poured the batter into some hot oil, and flipped it when it was golden brown. Once we fished it out, we garnished it with some bacon and powdered sugar. If it were possible to eat this every day, I would. My arteries would probably give out, but I would die happy.

THANK YOU FRIENDS for an amazing time! I learned so much, and I can’t wait to show off my new skills to friends and family! For more information and classes, check out Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen web site! Link is above!

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