Asbury Dunhill media night

I looooooove any opportunity to hang with my blogger girl tribe. My good friend Jessica (Sweet Seoul in Charlotte) put together an amazing dinner event at The Asbury at Asbury Dunhill hotel in Uptown. It was recently voted Best Historic Small Hotel by Historic Hotels of America! Good food, good friends- it most definitely means a good time!

Upon arrival, we met the dream team of the Asbury Dunhill- John Betty, Chef Matthew Krenz, Mike, Matthew, and social media guru Susan! They filled us in on hotel’s rich history and their personal stories. Let me tell you, they are all super kind and a bunch of smart cookies. I sat across from John, who was one of the nicest, most polite humans I have ever met! He is very knowledgable about social media and marketing, and gave me a plethora of tips as the evening progressed. Thanks John!

Drumroll. It was time to FEAST.

First course was Asbury’s famous sticky biscuits with goat cheese icing and country ham. Platters of luscious deviled eggs were passed around as well. The biscuits were addicting and I could eat them every day for the rest of my life. #bodybybiscuit

Second course was a warm kale salad with smoked trout, pine nuts, Norwood cheese, and peppercorn dressing. Next level divination, y’all. It was like Christmas. The smokiness of the fish added to the lightness of the dressing, and the kale brought its own texture and flavors in as well.

Third course was beef fat “confit” sweet potato with a goat cheese crema and a kick thanks to a variety of peppers infused in. For those who know me, I am a sweet potato fiend. The beef added such richness to the sweet potato, with the subtle kicks of spicy from the peppers. TASTE SENSATION!

Fourth course was a beautiful chard and ricotta ravioli with notes of apple, pecan, Norwood cheese, and pork. This is a dish I highly recommend for cooler temperatures, because it is warm and filling. Savory and satisfying.

Fifth course was a spicy tempura cauliflower with beets, and a cucumber sauce. The colors of the dish were spectacularly hued, and the taste was equally amazing. I could go vegetarian for this dish. I don’t particularly like beets, but I was licking the plate until someone told me to stop because we were at a nice restaurant and I’m not ten. Just kidding. Not really though.

Fifth course was an olive oil and smoked sea salt chocolate cake, house blondies, and chocolate creme puffs. Imagine the dessert is a floppy disk and my mouth is the little sliding CD insert- I was pounding cakes. The dishes came my way and I did some serious damage. Sorry for not sharing. So yummy.

The night was so special, from celebrating fellow blogger friend Rachel’s birthday to gaining a new name that I’ll carry with me for life- Social Souls. Thank you to Jess and the Asbury team for a wonderful time! Can’t wait to come back to visit.


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