Co Noodles & Sushi Waverly

Hey so lemme tell ya about the ~kewl~ events I’ve been to lately.

Co Noodes & Sushi recently opened up another location at Waverly Place in Ballantyne. All of Co’s locations are architectural works of art, and this new spot is no different. Very modern, you see intricate designs all over the walls and ceilings and pop art of beautiful Asian women. I have been a longtime fan of their Park Road location, and we frequent it on chilly afternoons to get some steaming, massive bowls of pho (pronounced PHo-UGH, from what I have been told).

Ben and I started off with some mango summer rolls, and those bad boys were chock full of mango, red peppers, avocado, and cucumber. Co has a lot of different kinds of spring rolls, summer rolls, sushi rolls- they’re all fresh and delicious. The pork dumplings with a sweet sauce are also wonderful little pockets of sunshine and meat.

Speaking of rolls, the bang bang shrimp is otherworldly. You get a California roll, topped with sweet chili sauced shrimp that is savory and sweet. The plating is also beautiful, and will make your Instagram game absolute fire.

Com chien, who would I be as a foodie without your presence? This fried rice with edamame, sesame oil, and a fried egg is always one of my go-to’s whenever I go to CO. I can’t live without it, because it is so filling and has that umami complex to it. YUM. Ben opted for the steaming bowl of ramen, which was massive!

You also have to get the boba tea while you’re here, kiddos. You can mix and match flavors, as well as get traditional boba or a “popping variety”. My favorite is Thai Tea with passionfruit popping boba, or traditional if I want something not too sweet.

Thank you to the wonderful Co team who invited us in to their new Waverly location. Y’all were so warm, and we had a fantastic time trying out your menu. For my Myers Park friends, there is a location at Park Road for all your pho, com chien, sushi, and boba needs. ❤

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